CVC Helmet (TYPE-DH-132)


JUPITOR TOOLS manufacture and Developed advance type BH-2 Helmet with completely solution for Requirement of CVC crew with analysis of actual user difficulties faces. We have developed advanced CVC helmet and offer extra Gas mask compatibilities with Visor. We offer CVC helmet with Kevlar ballistic protection FRP and Fiber Aramid. , and of Colors Olive Green Dull black.


  • Electrical Character
  • Microphone:- M-138/G st ,Dynamic
  • Impedence :-150 Ohms +-15 Ohms as 1KHz
  • Sensitivity :-More than -56 dB at 1KHz
  • Frequency:- 0.3~ 3.5 KHz
  • Humidity :- Max 95%
  • Earphone:- M-139/G st
  • Impedence:1000 Ohms at 1KHz
  • Connection is parallel, ie: 500Ohms total impedence
  • Sensitivity :100~3500Hz
  • Inner liner sizes: medium,Large, Extra large
  • Weight: 1.6 Kg
  • Shell: Standard FRP (Matrix)
  • Coloure as choice