JUPITOR TOOLS manufactured a range of Oxygen mask for Pilot helmets .

We manufactured a range of masks is complied with a soft silicone rubber face piece with high comforts on skin fit , a high strength ABS hard shell and all avionics , valves, and Microphone.

  1. Advance microphone M101/AIC with ON/OFF switch on top of mask and also built switch on boom arm support
  2. Choice of Microphone jack
  3. Choice of hose connector Quick Disconnect Connector (QDC) or 3 Pi

JUPITOR TOOLS develop Modified bayonets interface with the receivers and allow the mask to hang on either side of the helmet and it’s easy to disconnect. Separate inhalation and exhalation valves enable low-breathing resistance and a special reflective edge provides optimum sealing. Standard M 101/AIC, M-169A/AIC microphone and communication interfaces are used, and the mask meets all current speech intelligibility requirements.

High Altitude/Low Profile Oxygen Masks are designed for use in both Pressure Breathing for G (PBG) equipped high performance fighter/attack aircraft and Non-PBG equipped aircraft. HA/LP Oxygen Masks are used by the INDIAN /United States and Foreign Military Services throughout the world.

Oxygen Masks provide a bladder supply hose that connects the mask assembly to an occipital bladder in the helmet to provide automatic mask tensioning during high G flight. Oxygen Masks provide +600 knot windblast protection. The lightweight, low-profile mask design provides optimal positive pressure breathing (PPB) sealing capabilities. Separate inhalation and exhalation valves minimize breathing resistance thus reducing aircrew fatigue